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My 30 by 30 Restaurant Bucket List

I realize that 27 is still young, but immediately after my 27th birthday last Spring I decided that I should make some bucket lists. I made two, one was a series of experiences that I wanted to have before I turned 30 (things list go deep sea fishing, go to Portland Maine, do beach yoga). All of these are things that seemed really obtainable, trips to places I could drive, nothing too expensive, and all things I could realistically do on my own before my 30th.

The other, of course, was a restaurant bucket list. 30 places in and around the Boston area that I want to try before I turn 30 – they range from really high end establishments down to local food trucks. I felt like I was always saying “I need to try that place” but then just ending up at my old favorites and not making it to so many new places or classic places that I had somehow missed after all these years. So, I am six months in, here is the list (in no particular order). I feel like I have really been checking things off – but in actuality I have only made it to 9 places so far! So what does everyone think about my list, is there anywhere missing? Anything that is on here that should be missed? Coming soon will be my thoughts on all of the places I have checked off so far!

1)   Oleana  -x

2) Tupelo - x

3) Mistral

4) Coppa

5) Clover Food Truck - X

6) Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Truck -x

7) Mu Que Ca

8) O ya

9) The Butcher Shop

10) Bistro du midi

11) The Local in Newton

12) Strip T, Watertown

13) Area Four - X

14) Rialto

15) Les Zygomates - X

16) Lord Hobo - X

17) The Tip Tap Room -X

18) Salts

19) Highland kitchen

20) The Painted Burro - X

21) West End Johnnies - for reggae brunch

22) Clio

23) Soul Fire BBQ

24) Brewster fish house

25) Bondir

26) A dim sum place in Chinatown

27) Chez Henri

28) Brick & Mortar

29) La Morra

30) Bon Me Food Truck

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Well it’s been months since my last blog post. Things got busy with work, I started training for the marathon and yes these are excuses and I’d like to get back into it again.

So what better an event to start on than the Burrito Bowl II hosted by Poe’s Kitchen at Rattlesnake? This event was right up my alley because I am obsessed with burritos and I love culinary competitions (Top Chef is the one show I watch religiously).

My foodie partner in crime, Run to Eat Repeat, and I, were psyched when we read about the Burrito Bowl. Great chefs from around Boston created dishes inspired by their favorite football team’s cities in honor of the Superbowl. Event guests had the opportunity to vote for their favorite burrito inspired dish but ultimately it was the judge’s decision on who was crowned the winner. 

Here is the run down:

Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 – Representing SEATTLE. Andy took home the win with a shredded pork burrito served with 3 dipping sauces on the side including an avocado crema and a salsa rojo. I’m a sucker for the action of dipping my food so of course I was into this. There was also a spicy shrimp on the side. I loved it and it was the only one I housed seconds of.

Brian Poe of Poe’s Kitchen at Rattlesnake– Representing ATLANTA. Brian served a coffee bean marinated steak with Velveeta cheese. I’ve liked food at Rattlesnake in the past and had high hopes for the host of the event, despite how hideous this sounded to me. It was in fact as gross as it sounded both texture and taste. I took one bite and tossed it to save room for everything else.

Brian Roche of Lolita – Representing SAN FRAN. Brian served a Mushroom Risotto with a spicy rare beef. I had made mushroom risotto for dinner the night before, maybe that’s why this one didn’t speak to me as much as others but the flavors were all there, in a big and spicy way.

Erwin Ramos of Ole Restaurant Group Representing GREEN BAY. Erwin served complex mix of amazing tastes featuring grilled, roasted pork, fried plantains, and black beans and this Mexican lasagna stuff made with tortillas, corn and cheese. There was a slaw, a green salsa. There were so many components that I was scared when I saw him put it together but it was delicious. Well deserving of the runner up title. I practically licked my bowl clean and can’t wait to go back to Ole, I haven’t been there in years and their tableside guacamole and mariachi bands are amazing!

Jon Gilman of Church –Representing HOUSTON.  This was served in a 7 layer dip form with a giant homemade tortilla chip. It was barbecue pork with habanero-jalapeno hot sauce and pinto beans. A lot of other stuff was in there too. I thought it was a creative take on things and the meat was really good. I’ve never really thought of Church as a place to go for food, I thought it was just a bar, maybe I need to go.

Marc Orfally of Pigalle – Representing NEW ENGLAND (Could have been why it was one of my favorites?). Marc’s Korean-style burrito mixed barbecue pork with kimchi and soy aioli. Again, the dipping motion, always going to be a favorite for me although I thought Marc could have used even more aioli on the side of his. I’ve still never been to Pigalle, this made me want to even more.

Jose Duarte of Taranta - Representing PITTSBURG. Jose won this thing last year so I was expecting something awesome. He made a Samoan- inspired plate of tamarind/pineapple pork, yucca root, coconut and taro. The flavors were certainly interesting but it was in no way reminiscent of a burrito to me. And the components were too hard to eat with just a fork. Not the right dish for the competition or setting, one of my least favorites.

Jason Hutchinson of Boloco- Representing WASHINGTON – Jason and team were serving mini burritos all wrapped up like you would get them in Boloco, they were served with chips and salsa and looked super cute. I unwrapped it with great anticipation and all that was in there was some sort of unidentifiable meat wrapped in tortilla. It was pretty boring! Not worth the calories like the others.

Tiffani Faison of my favorite show Top Chef and of the new hot spot Sweet Cheeks was scheduled to be there but was a no show (much to my disappointment).

For $15 this was a well-worth-it eating event in Boston and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I want to attend more of these kinds of things. They are a fun change to just going to restaurants and you get to try the food of many different chefs. Can’t wait for the Burrito Bowl III next year! 

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